At what age can a male dog breed?

Every owner of a dog has different reasons for wanting to allow their dog to mate and breed. Some just want their dog to experience mating while some others would want their dogs to be parents of puppies. Some even have commercial interests in breeding as the puppies can be sold and an income can be generated from the sale.

Breeding - Think before you leap…

If you have a male dog and are thinking of allowing your dog to mate, bear a few things in mind before you go ahead.

If you do not have a high pedigree of dog and are not interested in the business of selling the puppies that you get from breeding, it is better to have your dog neutered rather than allowing it to mate. Neutering your dog will not only eliminate the chances of prostate cancer and testicular diseases, it also helps in making your dog less aggressive and more affectionate.

So, always take into consideration how beneficial it is to allow your dog to mate and is it better to neuter the dog as the chances of unnecessary mating and the risks of health problems are sufficiently reduced.

Right age for allowing breeding

Males like the female dogs attain puberty at different ages. Different breeds reach maturity at different times with the smaller breeds attaining it at a much younger age. The average age for reaching puberty is around 6-12 months of age, depending on the type of breed. Once the dog reaches puberty, secondary sexual characters are developed that allows the dog to mate with a female dog. Unlike female dogs, males do not have any heat cycles and can mate with the female at any point of time.

The right age to allow mating of the dog is once the dog has crossed one year of age even though the attainment of puberty might have taken place much earlier. If you allow the dog to mate much prior to it reaching the age of one year, the sperms may not be fully developed and fertilization leading to pregnancy may be poorer.

Going ahead

If you are still interested in proceeding with allowing your dog to breed, it is better to plan out the breeding and take adequate measures to prevent your dog from breeding with strays as it increases the population of dogs on the street.

Approach a good breeder to find a suitable female for your dog to mate with. Check the lineage of the mate and try to ascertain if there are any hereditary disorders that may be passed on. It is essential to check that your dog is healthy in all respects and the vaccinations that need to be administered to the dog are given and is up-to-date. If you are worried a lot about pedigree and purity of breed, check the certification of the dog before going ahead.

Both the dogs have to undergo courtship to get to know each other before mating. If the dogs are mating for the first time, the female may become very nervous and a good breeder will know how to calm the dog to allow successful mating.

It is not advisable to allow the dog to breed continuously throughout its life and to neuter the dog once it reaches an age or around 7-8 years. This helps the dog to live more healthily as well as avoid the risk of aggression from other male dogs.

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