How to give a dog a pill?

There are many different things you must do when owning a dog. A dog is a man’s best friend and they should be treated as a regular member of the family. Basically this means that one should always feed and supply plenty of water for their dog, clean up after them, bathe them regularly, and give them medicine when they are sick. All humans get sick from time to time, and the same applies for dogs. In many situations, a dog is required to take a pill in order for them to get better from a sickness or from an injury or whatever.

There are many ways to properly give your dog a pill. If they are a normal diet and eat regularly, the easiest way to give a dog a pill is to stick it in side their food. One can hide the pill inside a piece of their dry food or wet food and your dog should chew it up without even knowing they ate it. It saves you the hassle of trying to force the pill down their throat.

In the case where you have to try and orally induce the pill into the dog’s throat, there is a strategy you can follow. You first want to call your dog into a place where they are comfortable at in a friendly voice. This will eliminate any worry or stress the dog may have if they are expecting a pill shoved down their throat. Then put your dogs behind up against a wall so that can’t scramble away. Pinch the dog’s upper mouth and lift his head back. This will automatically open the dog’s lower jaw. Stick the pill in as far as you can without making the dog gag. Make sure it is behind the lump in the dog’s tongue too. After doing this make sure to give your dog plenty of love and praise for doing such a good job.

Those are the two best ways to give your dog a pill. It is very important to keep in mind the size of the pill. If it seems large, try and break it in half so they don’t choke on it. Pills are good forms of medicine and treatment. Dogs sometimes need pills in order to be able to be healthy and happy. Make sure to properly give your dog a pill when necessary.