How to keep a dog from digging?

One of the best creatures that roams planet Earth besides humans are dogs. Dogs are considered to be a man’s best friend and for several reasons. Not only are they extremely loyal, they are very loving and can sense things about you such as when you are down and happy. Basically, they are similar to a human friend that walks on all fours and can’t talk. However, just like normal human friends, dog friends can have some pretty annoying habits that they do. One of these bad habits that dogs tend have is digging.

Dogs are born with a natural urge to want to dig. Dogs love to bury things such as their bones and things like that. In addition, many dogs bury to cool themselves off. For several dogs, when digging, it feels really cool on their paws. Dogs also love to dig because they are bored and have nothing better to do. This can become a huge problem for many individuals who don’t want their lawn dug up and full of little holes that may look very unpleasant.

The best thing to do about a digging problem is to give the dog more exercise. Play fetch with them more often or walk the dog more so that they exert more energy and don’t have the stamina to dig holes. For natural digging dogs like terriers, you can always put up a play pen for the dog to have a designated digging area that they may like. If you don’t want any holes, try and find cool and interesting toys that the dog will use in order to eat up its time. In the situation where the dog is digging to keep cool, try and provide plenty of cold water throughout the day. This will help keep the dog cool from the inside out.

Keep in mind that dogs dig not to make you mad, but because they have nothing else to do or they are really hot and want to cool off. Provide plenty of toys and plenty of cold water and it should help stop the dog from digging away. Spend as much time with your dog as possible and bring them inside the house more often to help stop them from digging. Be patient and they should learn over time to stop digging when they have things to do take take up their time.