What to do if your dog growls?

Did your dog growl at you or another person recently and you aren’t sure what you should do about this? What you should do really depends on the situation. If your dog growled because someone approached you or your home in an aggressive manner this isn’t something that you should worry about, but if your dog growled at you because they didn’t want you by them than this may be a problem.

You need to look at growling as a warning. When your dog growls they are telling you that they do not like something that is happening and that if it continues they may strike out and bite you. A growl is a warning, but is the growl warranted? Do they have the right to warn you about something?

Many dogs become territorial of their owners or even of a bed or couch. If your dog is warning that they are angry when they shouldn’t be, you need to correct this. This may require you scolding the dog verbally and if they don’t retreat you may need to grab them by the scruff of the neck and put them on their back. When you do this you are not hurting the dog, instead you are showing them that you are the boss, you are in control, and you will not be dictated to by the dog.

Over time if you continually do this they will realize that it acceptable to growl when someone is being aggressive with you, but that you are in charge of the dog as well as their space and that they are at no time to be aggressive with you or any of the people in your family. If your dog continues to growl you may need to seek professional help with your dog to ensure the safety of you and your family members.