What to do if your dog has a fever?

Before anything is done, be sure the dog is actually running a fever. The normal temperature for a dog is around a hundred and two or three. Since humans are different, many people may be concerned over nothing. A dog’s body runs hotter than a human’s, that must be kept in mind.

You must not give your dog over the counter human medication. Any of these drugs could kill or otherwise harm your dog. They react to medication much differently than humans, so what is safe for us may not be safe for our dog. Such a thing is obvious by the fact that chocolate can kill dogs. Baby aspirin may be acceptable but depends on the dog. It does not agree with small or young dogs. The normal procedure for vets is to give a dog five milligrams of pain killer per pound of weight. A change in eating behavior may indicate that a dog is allergic to the medicine. If this is the case, then stop altogether. It is important to not give the dog anything until talking to a vet.

Basic things to be done safely at home are as follows. First keeping the dog hydrated is important. Keep a lot of water in your dog’s bowl and offer it to him often and in many places around the house. If he does have a fever, he may not be as willing to get up and walk to water, so bring it to him. If he will not drink and you are sure he has a fever, then use an eyedropper or turkey baster to spray water into the side of his mouth. The best advice that can be given about this is to call the vet. It is their job to know these things and will be able to help more than anything you can do at home will.

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