What to do if your dog has ticks?

Using a flee comb, search for the flees on your dog. These combs also can be used to remove them. To make this more effective, simply apply a light layer of petroleum jelly to the comb. This will make the flees stick to the plastic of the comb better. Be sure to check the dog’s toes, ears and around the tail and head. In these areas it is easier for ticks to hide. When combing your dog with a flee comb, do it over a white surface. This will allow you to see the ticks as they fall off. If there are black spots on the surface then you are successfully removing the ticks.

When you find a difficult tick, use a tick scoop to carefully remove it from the dog’s body. This scoop can be found in any pet store. If you do not have one, then tweezers will work just as well. Simply grab the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull outwards until it lets go. Be sure to pull straight out without any twisting or jerking. This can leave parts of the tick embedded in the animal’s skin which can cause problems later on. Also you do not want to crush the tick as the secretions may carry diseases.

If the head of the tick remains in the skin after the rest has been removed, then use a sterilized needle to remove it much as you would remove a splinter. After removing a tick in anyway, be sure to wash the area of the bite and your hands with soap and water. Another way to remove a tick is to simply apply soap to a cotton ball and hold it over the tick for fifteen seconds. The tick will come off with the cotton ball. Dispose of the ticks by wrapping them in a tissue and flushing them down the toilet.