Why do dogs eat dirt?

It’s always interesting to see what dogs can manage to fit in their stomachs sometimes. It’s not uncommon for your dog to start munching on something that would make your stomach start convulsing, but what makes your dog want to eat these dirty vile things?

If you see your dog eating dirt you should take him to the vet as soon as you can. It may be serious and it may not, there are many reasons why he or she might want to start eating dirt.

One common thing is that your dog isn’t getting enough minerals in his or her diet. Check your dog food and see what the ingredients are. If you do see that in fact it lacks quite a few nutrients, go change the dog food to something a bit healthier. It’s fascinating that the dog can tell that it’s not getting enough minerals when even most humans have a hard time deciphering and they know how to read!

Another problem might be that your dog is sick and is trying to figure out a way to dilute whatever it is she or he ate. As stated earlier, go to the vet. If you tell the symptoms, the veterinarian will be able to figure out what’s the problem. If this is the case, a simple change in diet will most likely fix the problem that he or she may have, if not, then some medication may be required until your pup is as good as new.

Most of the time though, the dog might not be eating dirt, but eating something in the dirt (don’t forget that dogs have stronger smell and taste receptors than humans). So don’t worry if they eat a good amount of dirt along with the one peanut that was laying on the ground.