Why do dogs get stuck together when breeding?

In the hierarchal society that dogs live in, the continuance of the dog family is very important to dogs. It is so important that dogs will fight each other for the right to mate with a female dog that is in heat. During a mating episode, not only will a dog consciously defend its attempts to impregnate a female dog in heat, a dog’s reproduction system also works to give time for impregnation to occur.

As a result over time, the reproductive organs of dogs have evolved to ensure the impregnation of a female dog from a mating episode. The scent of a female dog in heat is detectable by a male dog’s sensitive nose. When there is a female dog in heat in the neighborhood, the male dogs of the neighborhood will find it hard to think of anything else.

A female dog in heat has the potential to draw any able bodied male dogs to her because of her scent, if the male dog is able to break free to visit her. In such a competitive atmosphere, a female dog in heat can attract several dogs to her at once. In this case, the male dog that manages to make it close enough to the female do to mate with her has a way of making sure its sperm has the time to impregnate the female dog.

The way that a dog can lengthen the time that its own sperm have inside the female tract is that the dog’s penis will enlarge so that it becomes lodged in the female’s vagina. This period may last for a few minutes to up to an hour. It is at this time that the animals appear tied together at their rear quarters. This action may distress the animals involved, particularly if the dogs have not previously mated.

The male dog’s biological and emotional response to mating with an available female in heat work together to ensure that the male dog’s sperm has the chance to impregnate the female dog while in the presence of its male rivals. The chance to mate can drive male dogs to leap over fences and otherwise make their way to a female dog in heat. At both a conscious and subconscious level, the bodies of dogs strive to ensure procreation in the event of a successful mating episode