Why do dogs lick their genitals?

Dogs can use their tongues in the same way that we use our fingers to explore, clean and try to heal its genitals. A dog licks itself when it is healthy and sick. When a dog licks its genitals, it can indicate a situation related to the reproductive system, the digestive tract and skin problems.

A dog that licks its genitals may have a discharge. Genital discharges are normal in females during their in-heat phase. Female genital discharges can also indicate a problem such as an infection in the urethra or the uterus. A miscarriage may also cause a discharge that can cause a dog to lick. Unusual growths or inflammation in the genital area may also cause a female dog to lick itself. A female dog may also lick at the area if the birth of puppies has caused injuries.

Male dogs may lick themselves in the presence of injury to the genitals. A dog will also lick in the case of infection in the urethra or prostate. The testicles may have lumps or inflammation which causes irritation to the dog.

Injuries, skin irritations, bites and allergic reactions can cause a dog of either sex to lick the genital area. It is important that you seek medical attention for your dog if there is excessive licking in the genital area that does not have a normal cause. Illness and injury can be indicated by unusual licking in the area. By understanding your dog’s licking activity, if your dog starts to suddenly start genital licking, you will be able to take action, if there is a problem.

Whenever your dog begins to lick itself in any area, such as the genital area, the licking itself may cause irritation to the area. It is important to discover the cause for genital licking. Maintaining the dog’s genital region helps keep its reproductive and digestion tract healthy.