Why do dogs like to cuddle?

Your dog is a social animal who loves to give and receive affection. This quality about dogs is what can give such sheer joy to people when in their dog’s presence. Since humankind first took in, fed and sheltered the dog, a mutual affection has grown between humans and dogs. The dog, a childish character, is grateful for the kindness that is shown to itself and in return, is affectionate to its owner and other loved ones in the household. To win the affections of its owner, a dog is also protective of its masters and the home and furthermore, is willing to work for its meals if trained to do so.

In the wild, the dog is a pack animal. The pack is led by an alpha dog. A dog that has a low status in the pack will show affection to the alpha dog as a sign of submission. When your dog shows affection to you, it is showing its acceptance of you as its leader. When a dog cuddles with you, it is displaying its devotion to you.

As a social animal, your dog wants to feel accepted. When you cuddle with and show affection to your dog, it makes your dog feel like a valued member of the household and as a result, your dog will be happier.

Members of the dog species can love cuddling so much that dogs have been known to lie down and cuddle with a housecat. Dogs are also known to be so caring and loving, that dogs will take in, mother and cuddle with the young of other animal species, particularly if the young animal has been somehow abandoned.

Cuddling a dog can be good for both the dog and the human who cuddles the dog. Studies have shown that the close presence of an animal in old age homes and sick wards for children can actually improve the overall feelings of the elderly residents and ill patients, which in turn can improve their health.

Your dog thrives on love and affection and cuddling is a natural expression for this social animal. Your life can be enriched through the love and affection that your dog will have for you. When you cuddle with your pooch, it is a mutual expression of love and it will make you both happier as a result.