Why do dogs yawn?

Everyone knows that a man’s best friend is their dog. Dogs are very loyal, loving, and are absolutely adorable. They will always be right there to greet you when you get home from work, they will always be willing to cuddle if you are having a rough day, so basically dogs will always be there for you at all times. When one owns a dog, they may question different things that their particular pup may do. Take for instance this question, why do dogs yawn? Many people have wondered why their dog yawns and the answer is quite simple.

Dogs yawn for the same exact reasons why humans yawn. Dogs yawn because either they are tired, bored, or they see someone else do it. However, there are other reasons why a dog yawns as well. Scientists have found out that dogs yawn when they feel pressured or when they feel nervous. It is an ultimate sign to let up a little bit if you are trying to train your dog or are doing weird things to it when they begin to yawn. For the most part dogs yawn simply because they are tired. You may notice after a dog yawns they tend to lay down and put their heads down to go to sleep. This is pretty much the same as humans right? When we yawn usually, it is because we are sleepy most of the time.

The main reason why a dog yawns other than being sleepy, tired, bored, nervous, or pressured; they will yawn in order to increase the flow of oxygen to their brain and also to boost their heart rate. This is the opposite reason why dogs yawn. Sometimes a dog will yawn to fall asleep and sometimes a dog will yawn in order to charge themselves up. Sometimes a dog will yawn when they are first waiting to perform some type of activity in order to pep themselves up.

The question has been asked several times about why a dog yawns. Those are the main reasons why dogs yawn. They do it either to calm themselves down or to energize themselves up. Be aware of the situation and you will know why your dog is yawning.