Why does a dog lick its butt?

A dog licks its butt for different reasons. Reasons that a dog will lick its butt include hygiene, anal gland health and a problem in the area or digestion tract. The mother dog will lick the genital and anal area of her puppies to stimulate waste elimination. As a puppy grows, it learns to keep itself clean from the repeated cleaning activity that its mother performs for her puppy.

One of the reasons that a dog will lick itself is because its anal glands are responsible for waste elimination and unless these glands are maintained through the licking action, the glands may become impacted and infected. In this way, a dog keeps its waste elimination system working in an optimum way.

Diet can affect the function of the anal glands and surrounding area. It is important that the dog receives enough water and a healthy diet to stay healthy. A dog may lick excessively.

If a dog is licking itself too much, it may indicate a problem. It is important that a veterinarian check out the dog to rule out any medical conditions. Parasites, infection, poor diet, hemmorhoids and medical conditions including illness that may cause a dog to lick itself.

Dogs lick each other for hygienic, health and social reasons. A dog will lick itself to maintain its health and to signal any problems. As a dog owner, you must take note of any changes to your dog’s licking habits to watch for any potential problems.

Injury, illness and some breed types may not be able to clean themselves. Some dogs require assistance to keep their anal area clean and healthy. In that case, your veterinarian can teach you on the proper care of your pet and your veterinarian can properly diagnose and treat medical or behavioral conditions related to a dog licking itself.